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The Nestbox Book

The Nestbox Book

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The Nestbox Book is a practical and informative book which guides you through the process of choosng, constructing, installing and maintaining a selection of nest boxes for a variety of native Australian birds and mammals.

Millions of tree hollows – vital homes for many of our native bird and mammal species - have been lost through land clearing and habitat destruction. The Nestbox Book is a classic publication which has already helped tens of thousands of Australians provide much-needed homes for our native wildlife and will help provide many more homes through this revised and expanded edition.

The Nestbox Book provides a practical and real way in which people can help Australian birds and animals in their own backyards. Nest boxes give species including native parrots; kookaburras, owls and sugar gliders an opportunity to breed and thrive that they might not otherwise have. Nest boxes are also great fun, and provide wonderful opportunities to learn about local Australian wildlife while watching birds and mammals breed and settle in to their new nest boxes.

The Nestbox Book, aims to share positive and practical messages that empower people to take real action to make a difference to their environment and to live more sustainably. These messages are vital at a time when environmental sustainability is THE critical issue.

Author: The Gould Group

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