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Adelaide: the Nature of our City (DVD)

Adelaide: the Nature of our City (DVD)

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adelaide-nature_of_our_citydvd_rear-unisaCities such as Adelaide in South Australia are constructed environments designed to suit the many demands of their human inhabitants. However, we often don't realise that we share these locations with animals. Some of these animals are native, others come from elsewhere.

Some animals only inhabit very specific locations in one part of the house, whilst others are everywhere. This documentary examines the city as a habitat for animals. It views each component as an ecosystem and explores how we share our space with an amazingly diverse array of animals...

1. Introduction and inner city
2. Beaches
3. Suburban backyards
4. Wetlands
5. Remnant vegetation
6. Mangroves
7. How can you help urban wildlife?


This excellent DVD was created by Prof. Chris Daniels and his team, from the School of Natural and Built Environments at the University of Adelaide, in conjunction with the Sout Australian Museum. 

Running time is 50 minutes.

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