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Cryptic Sun Moth


cryptic-sun-moth1.wA rare day flying moth - the cryptic sun moth (Synemon theresa) was discovered by fauNature Director James Smith, together with his son Riley.  The moth was found while collecting specimens for Bring Us Your BUGS which was held at the South Australian Museum on the 22nd January, 2009.

The moth caused quite a stir at the event as it is very rare, the adults are short lived (less than10 days) and few specimens have ever been found in Adelaide.  Riley was awarded a special prize and a certificate for his important contributions to Bring Us Your BUGS.

This species was only known from the Stonyfell/Waterfall Gully areas of the Adelaide region, so the Teringie find has extended its known locations locally.  While several specimens of the moth can be found in private collections, this was the first cryptic sun moth to be lodged with the SA Museum for 66 years!

The Courier  - Cryptic Sun Moth ArticleYou can check further information on the cryptic sun moth at the Barbara Hardy Centre’s UniSA website: www.unisa.edu.au/barbarahardy .

If your are interested in moths and butterflies in South Australia go to the Butterfly Conservation SA Inc. or the equivalent organisation in your state.

Left: this newspaper article was published in The Courier (Adelaide Hills) on page 17, Wednesday 18th February, 2009.


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