FauNature - Bringing You and Wildlife Together

Biodiversity Gallery Opening


Opening soon - the new Biodiversity Gallery at the South Australian Museum, where many of the states wildlife wonders will be on display.

fauNature will help celebrate this historic event by joining other exhibitors, providing educational displays on the front lawns of the Museum. So come along and discover how you can make a difference to wildlife in your own back yard, by visiting the Village Green.

This is just part of the festivities to be had, by attending the SA Museum on Saturday and Sunday, the13-14th of February. See the Biodiversity Gallery website for full details, including the exciting Twilight at the Museum.

The exhibition is a comprehensive introduction and a conduit for local South Australians or visitors to further explore and appreciate our natural assets. South Australia is home to a host of wildlife wonders, and as Sir David Attenborough enthused....

"The biodiversity of South Australia's oceans, deserts and forests is truly exceptional. The South Australian Museum's Biodiversity Gallery celebrates and helps conserve this wonderful asset."

So come and join in the fun. There is an exciting program on offer, which is simply too good to miss!

The Leafy Sea-dragon featured above is just one of the wildlife wonders you will see. This image was kindly provided by the SA Museum.



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