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Unsung Hero of SA

ignite_your_imaginationfauNature’s James Smith was recently awarded the Unsung Hero of South Australian Science Communication, for 2010.

The Unsung Hero Awards are an initiative of the Australian Science Communicators (ASC) SA and presented in conjunction with the National Science Week Coordinating Committee (NSWkSA).  The award is presented to a candidate whose work in science education and communication is highly significant, but has not received recognition for their contribution.

The Minister for Science, Training and Further Education, Jack Snelling, presented the awards on Friday night, at the opening of Science Week in South Australia.

Urban ecology is a rapidly growing area of biology, due in large part to the interest the general public have, in their own backyard.  People want to encourage wildlife to be part of their daily lives, be they bluetongue lizards, parrots, magpies, possums, frogs, bats or many of the other animals that share our urban space.

James has worked tirelessly over the last five years engaging with professional organisations such as TREENET, local government, community organisations, general interest groups and schools to spread the word about creating wildlife friendly environments. 

Prof Chris Daniels, in nominating James for this award, stated “Anyone listening to one of  these passionate, fun and fact filled talks about wildlife, will know that James is one of those extraordinary people who can change lives.”

As a popular guest on the ABC 891 gardening program on Saturday mornings,  involvement in the University of South Australia and the ABC’s citizen science projects, together with range of community events, James is dedicated to helping us all take a different look at the wildlife we encounter every day.

national science week“We all have an innate connection with nature and enjoying wildlife in your own backyard is an ideal place to start” enthuses James.  “It is the reason we established fauNature in the first place and backyard wildlife continues to provide inspiration on a daily basis.”

fauNature’s mission is Bringing YOU and wildlife Together.  When it comes to wildlife think globally, but act locally and what better place to start than in your own backyard.


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