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Backyard Wildlifers

cleener_feeder-child.wA new web site has recently been created, for those people who are interested in the wildlife that visit their balconies, gardens, backyards, schools, local parks or just about wherever it is we live! However it is not just about the wildlife itself but the people that enjoy or attract our wild neighbours.

Whether you have a fantastic photo of the Australian Admiral butterfly that just alighted on your stinging nettles, a possum that comes by for a nightly visit, a bluetonge that hides under the shed or the rosellas that nest in that artificial hollow you installed a couple of years ago - this is the place to share those wildlife experiences!

Backyard Wildlifers is a social networking site by people interested in the fauna that shares "our” space and for people interested in fauna that share “our” space. It is designed as an educational resource where questions can be asked and hopefully answered. As well as a site where YOU can share your photos, videos or wildlife interactions for others to appreciate.

If you would like to know more about wildlife and share your experiences, the site would be well worth a visit: BackyardWildlifers.com - look forward to seeing you there!

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