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Rosella Chicks in Nesting Box

7_rosella_chicks-teringie-3fauNature installed a webcam into one of our parrot nesting box, hoping to get some insight, into the private lives of Rosellas.  The Rosellas who took up the box, have been increadibly successful, why not follow this wonderful journey!

8th Adelaide Rosella egg laid-20102010The nesting box was set up in late September and by early October, a pair of Adelaide Rosellas had moved in and even laid the first egg.  Over the next few weeks an egg was laid every second day, until we reached a total of eight small spherical eggs, in the bottom of the nesting box.

Two weeks passed before the first eggs hatched and over the last week, all eight have now hatched!

If you would like to find out more about the events and activities taking place with our resident Rosellas please visit BackyardWildlifers.com (see forums, photos, videos and the blog) or see some of our videos on YouTube.


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