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How do you feel about Backyard wildlife?

adelaide_rosella-nb.wWhat wildlife species share your backyard?  Would you like to see more wildlife?  Or are there certain species, you would like to see less of?  Some exciting research is currently taking place in Melbourne, investigating this very topic.
A Melbourne Uni student (Amy Shaw) is undertaking a PhD looking at "nature in backyards".  It is linked to a wildlife gardening program, in Victoria.
Amy is conducting a survey which aims to investigate how the community feels about nature in backyards, as well as their attitudes towards native vegetation and urban nature.

While the research and program are based in Victoria, Amy was interested in attitudes and responses from all around the country.  Yes it will take a little time so grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and have a go at answering a range of very stimulating questions about your backyard!  

Please be aware that the fist page of the  survey may seem a little "odd", because it applies to a specific wildlife gardening program being run in Victoria, but after that it is simple to follow and answer.
To complete the survey please click on this link: SURVEY
Please go and complete this Survey.  It will help the scientists looking at "wildlife in our backyards" why we do what we do.  It may also provided insights into how others could be persuaded to play their part in understand and preserving our precious biodiversity.
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