FauNature - Bringing You and Wildlife Together

Citizen Science & Attracting Wildlife

Magpie-Citizen ScienceThis month's ASC event in SA welcomes a panel comprising Prof Chris Daniels and Philip Roetman from UniSA and James Smith from FauNature, to discuss the value of citizen science in scientific projects such as Operations Spider, Magpie and Possum.

Extensive data collection is possible by involving the wider community (particularly non- scientists) in scientific projects.

The audience discovered how easily you can help the public work with scientists and learn more about the environment, and promote interaction with nature by attracting wildlife to backyards all over Adelaide!

For those of you who are interested, but were unable to attend the event; RiAus recorded the session, which can be seen on the following website: http://riaus.org.au/programs-and-events/ascsa-monthly-citizen-science-and-attracting-wildlife/
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