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Frogs in the Garden

brown tree frogThis Saturday morning (25/5/13) fauNature's James Smith will be talking frogs on the 891 ABC Adelaide, Talkback Gardening program.  James will join gardening expert Jon Lamb and ABC presenter Deb Tribe.

There are relatively few frogs species (27) across South Australia, which represents almost 12% of the national total.  Dispite this species such at the Brown Tree Frog (above), are an important component of the biodiversity found across the state.


As a group frogs are sensitive to change and are often used as environmental indicators.  A healthy frog populations in all likelihood is an indication of a healthy aquatic habitat.


During the Talkback Gardening program we will look at when frogs are active, why they call, how they live in such a dry state and what you can do to try and encourage frong to visit your garden.


So if you have the opportunity, have a listen from 9.00am on Saturday 25th of May.  And if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.


891 ABC Talkback Gardening website: http://www.abc.net.au/adelaide/programs/adelaide_saturday/

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