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Frogs of South Australia

Frogs of South Australia

On Saturday (25/5/2013) fauNature's James Smith discussed Frogs in the Garden on 891 ABC Adelaide's Talkback Gardening program.  James joined gardening expert Jon Lamb and ABC Weekends presenter Deb Tribe to investigate this popular topic.

The segment considered how many frog species are found across South Australia, with particular emphasis on the Adelaide region.  It was evident that almost any backyard can potentially be used to attract frogs, if appropriate conditions are established.  Also discussed were some of the potential pit-falls to establishing a frog pond or bog, such as the use of pesticides.


Identifying frog both visually as well as by their calls was raised and an excellent resource to use if you are interested in finding out more about frogs is the www.frogatlas.com.au website.  A recent publication on the Frogs of South Australia is also a faublous resource, for those interested in our wild amphibious neighbours.


If you missed the program and would like to hear about the types of frogs we have in Adelaide and attracting them to your garden, clicking on the ABC logo below will take you to a podcast of the Gardening segment.


ABC Gardening Podcast - Frogs (25/5/2013)

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