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Bat Box Kit

Bat Box Kit

Price per Unit (piece):

$ 38.75

Over 60 species of micro-bats are found throughout Australia.  Many of ChocolateWattleBatthese bats rely on natural hollows, found in living or dead trees, as roost sites.

The typical species you may attract to the Bat Box include Lesser Long-eared, Gould’s Wattle, Chocolate Wattle, Inland Broad-nosed and other similar sized micro-bats.

This wildlife/roost box provides an ideal alternative to Southern free-tail bat on boxa natural hollow for small micro-bats, where such resources are lacking.  This Bat Box comes in kit form, to reduce the cost, allow you greater involvement and/or potential satisfaction, in completing the roosting box yourself.

The bat Box is constructed of structural ply, obtained from sustainable sources.

The addition of Spacers (2) is highly recommended for the Bat Box, if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.

A freight charge will  apply, you will be advised of this cost, before payment is requested.

The images on this page are of bats using an earlier version of fauNature's bat box.  While this particular box has been discontinues, the pictures illustrate the types of bats that may inhabit the boxes.

N.B. A number of microbats are known to carry viruses, which could potentially be transferred to humans if appropriate cautions are not taken.  It is advisable not handle any bats.  Iif sick, injured or disoriented animals are encountered, please call a bat/wildlife rescue organisation.

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