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Duck Nesting Box

Duck Nesting Box

Price per Unit (piece):

$ 80.00

About 20 species of ducks are found throughout Australia.  Over half of these utilise tree hollows or nesting boxes, for laying eggs and rearing their young.  The majority of these species are obligate hollow nesters.

The typical species you are likely to attract to the Duck Nesting Box includes Grey Teal, Chestnut Teal and Australian Wood Duck; although depending on your location and available resources other species such as Pygmy-geese and possibly larger Ducks may also utilise these nesting boxes.  Given the type of bird we are dealing with, success is likely to be greater, if these nesting boxes are placed with a reasonable proximity to water.

This Duck Nesting Box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for smaller duck species, where such resources are lacking.

The addition of Spacers (2) is highly recommended for a Duck Nesting Box, if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.

Collection can be arranged for boxes; alternatively a freight charge will be applied.  You will be advised of this cost, before payment is requested.

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