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Possum Box - Brushtail

Possum Box - Brushtail

Price per Unit (piece):

$ 60.50

A possum box can offer a safe refuge for possums in urban and rural environments.

Two species of possums are typically found in urban environments across Australia, the Common Brushtail and the Common Ringtail.  The Common Brushtail Possum is endangered across much of it former range, so it is important that they are supported and protected, wherever they are still found.

Common Brushtail Possums are obligate hollow users – in that evebrushtail possum in nest boxry day they require a safe refuge to retreat to, typically a natural hollow (referred to as a “den”) or  where hollows are lacking possum boxes.  Significant alteration to many urban and rural environments has meant that natural hollows are now rare. 

A lack of natural hollows can bring Brushtail Possums into conflict with its human neighbours, as they seek shelter in roofs or sheds.  Supplementing natural hollows with an artificial den or possum box will increase available habitat and is likely to reduce potential conflict.

This possum box provides an ideal alternative to natural hollows for a Common Brushtail Possum, where such resources are lacking.

The addition of Spacers (2) is highly recommended for a possum box, if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.

Collection can be arranged for boxes; alternatively a freight charge will be applied.  You will be advised of this cost, before payment is requested.

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