Cleener Bird Feeder

Cleener Bird Feeder

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Designed to reduce seed spillage, easy to clean, thereby ensuring a healthier, more hygienic environment for feeding birds.

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Supplemental feeding is a common method of increasing the number of birds, though not necessarily species, you attract to your garden.  As a many birds may take advantage of a free meal!

Bird feeding can facilitate seeing species in much closer proximity than you would otherwise and allow you to enjoy the antics rarely seen by the casual observer.

The Cleener Bird Feeder is made of stainless steel and is designed to enable bird feeding, while minimising a number of the traditional challenges associated with the practice.  The Cleener Bird Feeder has a unique two tray system, discarded seed tends to be caught in the outter tray, so the amount of grain spilt is greatly reduced.  As a consequence, any under feeder clean-up is limited and potential food sources for vermin (e.g. rats and mice) are greatly reduced.   Being stainless steel the Cleener Bird Feeder is easy to clean, as the name suggests, which reduces the likelyhood of disease being transmitted, between birds.

The Cleener Bird Feeder is easy to install.  It can be attached, relatively quickly,  to a pole, fence or tree at a height which makes it easy to fill and enjoy.

For guidelines on responsible feeding guidelines refer to the Attracting Wildlife page on supplemental bird feeding.

This product is covered by Design Registration Patent number:  11228/2008.

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