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Experiencing wildlife brings colour and excitement to our daily lives. In Australia we are fortunate to have a vast array of wildlife literally on our doorsteps, if you take the time you may well be astounded by what you will find.


Ultrasonic Deterrents

Ultrasonic simply refers to sound above the upper limits of human hearing.  Ultrasonic deterrents have been developed to assist in the management and exclusion of unwanted animal intruders from your yard or garden.

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Nesting Boxes / Wildlife Hollows

Supplementing naturally occurring hollows with nest boxes provides an important resource for native species in disturbed environments. Nesting boxes come in different sizes and shapes - depending on the species you are looking to attract.

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Bird Feeders

Bird feeders placed strategically in your garden can attract a wide variety of wild birds and add interest to your backyard.   This allows you a much closer view of the birds and enables you to enjoy their antics.

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Books on wildlife are educational and inspirational.  Here are a range of titles that will increase you understanding of our wonderful native fauna and flora.

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Gift Certificates

The perfect gift when you can\'t decide what would best suit the person you are buying for.

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Installation & Servicing

fauNature® offers installation, monitoring and maintenance services for our wildlife/nesting boxes.

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