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CATWatch Feedback


Earlier this year you suppled 3 cat alarms (CATWatch) to us which we have installed within the boundaries of our property & which we are satisfied with.

We had an unusual experience recently which you may be interested in...

The neighbours whose animals we have tried to keep from trespassing into our property told the RSPCA of these electronic devices.  Therefore we received a visit from the local RSPCA Inspector. 

After showing the inspector the devices, the inspector indicated that this product (CATWatch) was not known to them & they wanted to know more about it so they could tell other people that were having similar problems to us where to get the product from.  They could see no harm whatsoever in what we were trying to do to prevent the animals from trespassing into our property.

...we thought it would be of interest to you.

John F.  Bundaberg  QLD

Both my father and myself have purchased CATWatch units from you and we are very happy with them!

We found our initial CatWatches to be extremely effective.  My first unit is still working perfectly at the front of our house, but I need another unit for the back now.

Thanking you again,

Christine L.  Edmonton  QLD

Regarding the CATWatch, it is working well and we now have the garden free of cats!

I would like to purchase another two (2) CATWatch units ...

Richard G.  Secret Harbour  WA

The unit has worked wonders!  We and our neighbours are thrilled.

The area that was a problem has not been sprayed on since we put the unit in (CATWatch), and the smell has pretty much totally gone, within the space of one week.  I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made....

H Lucas.  Bondi Beach  NSW

Just writing to say a HUGH THANK-YOU to you and your excellent product 'CATWatch'.  I must admit, I didn't think it would work, as my cat problem was SO bad!!...(3 neighbourhood tomcats spraying in my yard/carport/verandeh over a period of 2 years).  I was so doubtful that I would not have bought it, without your money back guarantee.

It took about 3-4 weeks and I had to keep moving the CATWatch to different spots, as the cats were persistent (as the brochure had warned). It stopped for about 2 weeks, then they came back, so I bought some 'Silent Roar' lion dug pellets to cover the areas that CATWatch couldn't reach.  The combination of the two did the trick!

I am singing your praises to everyone, and have written letters to my local council, Dr Harry Cooper and 'Control Cats' hoping they will tell others about your great product.

Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery!

Linda S. Daleys Point  NSW

CATWatch is the first and only constant solution for stray cats that works all the time, even in 40 degree heat and in winter rain. I have recommended CATWatch to everyone I know. When I hear experts on the radio say that there is no good cat deterrent, I know that they haven’t tried CATWatch.

Laura N. Bayswater WA

It Works!

It has been just over 2 Months now and the CATWatch really does work. I have placed it just above the carport and the cat doesn’t come anywhere near the car.

Thank you very much for providing me with a product that does the job.

Chris T. Bexley North  NSW

I thought I would give you some feedback on the CATWatch. It is wonderful, there has been no incidences since we installed it!  I will be ordering another one (for the front garden), as soon as we move house next month.

Many thanks,

Gail N. Melbourne  VIC

In October 2006 I purchased a CATWatch from your company and have been delighted with it.  It has achieved all that it was claimed to do…


Dave P.  Perth  WA

We received the (CATWatch) units a couple of weeks ago.  They've made a huge difference - no more cats, no more smell and no more cleaning up.


Mike.  Bungendore  NSW

Received your CATWatch a week ago...

I bought the CATWatch to keep our cat off our cars. She no longer goes anywhere near them, and cannot get away from the noise fast enough. My cat has not forgiven me!!!

Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Debbie J. Bunbury  WA

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