Read a great example of how a partnership works with fauNature in this recent article from The City of Charles Sturt ‘ Kaleidoscope’ Dec 2022 online magazine –  Enhancing Biodiversity in Our City.

Biodiversity is necessary to support the processes of all life on Earth. As the extensive range of animals, plants and microorganisms slowly disappear, in the future, we will not be able to enjoy the healthy ecosystems that give us the air we breathe and the food we eat.

When The City of Charles Sturt launched ‘Tree BnBs’ program to install a large number of wildlife boxes across the City to assist and cultivate biodiversity, fauNature provided those wildlife boxes and continues to manage them.

fauNature Wildlife Box Services ensure the attachment system is secure and people and wildlife are safe:

We provide expert advice and guidance on hollow creation and we build bird and wildlife boxes designed specifically for each animal taking into account their natural behaviour, breeding needs and local predators.

A sample of a Report produced by James Smith, fauNature ®

Contact us if you are interested in setting up a nesting or wildlife box in your backyard or parkland. Large installation projects are best to be left to the experts like the team at fauNature who can give the best support and advice needed.

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