Earlier this year you suppled 3 cat alarms (CATWatch) to us which we have installed within the boundaries of our property & which we are satisfied with.

We had an unusual experience recently which you may be interested in…

The neighbours whose animals we have tried to keep from trespassing into our property told the RSPCA of these electronic devices. Therefore we received a visit from the local RSPCA Inspector.

After showing the inspector the devices, the inspector indicated that this product (CATWatch) was not known to them & they wanted to know more about it so they could tell other people that were having similar problems to us where to get the product from. They could see no harm whatsoever in what we were trying to do to prevent the animals from trespassing into our property.

…we thought it would be of interest to you.

John F. Bundaberg QLD

Just writing to say a HUGH THANK-YOU to you and your excellent product ‘CATWatch’. I must admit, I didn’t think it would work, as my cat problem was SO bad!!…(3 neighbourhood tomcats spraying in my yard/carport/verandeh over a period of 2 years). I was so doubtful that I would not have bought it, without your money back guarantee.

It took about 3-4 weeks and I had to keep moving the CATWatch to different spots, as the cats were persistent (as the brochure had warned). It stopped for about 2 weeks, then they came back, so I bought some ‘Silent Roar’ lion dug pellets to cover the areas that CATWatch couldn’t reach. The combination of the two did the trick!

I am singing your praises to everyone, and have written letters to my local council, Dr Harry Cooper and ‘Control Cats’ hoping they will tell others about your great product.

Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery!

Linda S. Daleys Point NSW

It Works!

It has been just over 2 Months now and the CATWatch really does work. I have placed it just above the carport and the cat doesn’t come anywhere near the car.

Thank you very much for providing me with a product that does the job.

Chris T. Bexley North NSW

I thought I would give you some feedback on the CATWatch. It is wonderful, there has been no incidences since we installed it! I will be ordering another one (for the front garden), as soon as we move house next month.

Many thanks,

Gail N. Melbourne VIC

Both my father and myself have purchased CATWatch units from you and we are very happy with them!

We found our initial CatWatches to be extremely effective. My first unit is still working perfectly at the front of our house, but I need another unit for the back now.

Thanking you again,

Christine L. Edmonton QLD

Regarding the CATWatch, it is working well and we now have the garden free of cats!
I would like to purchase another two (2) CATWatch units …

Richard G. Secret Harbour WA

The unit has worked wonders! We and our neighbours are thrilled.

The area that was a problem has not been sprayed on since we put the unit in (CATWatch), and the smell has pretty much totally gone, within the space of one week. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made….

H Lucas. Bondi Beach NSW

CATWatch is the first and only constant solution for stray cats that works all the time, even in 40 degree heat and in winter rain. I have recommended CATWatch to everyone I know. When I hear experts on the radio say that there is no good cat deterrent, I know that they haven’t tried CATWatch.

Laura N. Bayswater WA

We received the (CATWatch) units a couple of weeks ago. They’ve made a huge difference – no more cats, no more smell and no more cleaning up.


Mike. Bungendore NSW

Received your CATWatch a week ago…

I bought the CATWatch to keep our cat off our cars. She no longer goes anywhere near them, and cannot get away from the noise fast enough. My cat has not forgiven me!!!

Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Debbie J. Bunbury WA

In October 2006 I purchased a CATWatch from your company and have been delighted with it. It has achieved all that it was claimed to do…


Dave P. Perth WA



Just to let you know that I have the breeding boxes attached to the sides of my house. The box I bought from you last year is on its second or third lot of Eastern Rosella chicks.

Another old smaller (non-fauNature) box failed the Adelaide Rosellas when its lid came off – hence I bought another box from fauNature to replace it. We love watching and listening to these wild beautiful birds – from the initial tussle over nesting rights to watching the parents escort each fledging out of the box on its first flight. Simply amazing.

I think the design of these parrot boxes is very clever and makes them so secure.

Many thanks


I’m sitting outside watching our family of Kookaburras as they feed their young. Yes, they loved your house and have at least two young. We hear them feeding so we know there is more than one baby. It’s so lovely to have them in our garden of 5 acres. We are not so worried about snakes now having these magnificent birds around. I will order another one of your 5 star homes for when the ‘teenagers’ move out!

I will also try to snap a photo of them as they come and go from their house for you.

Thanks again for such a beautiful product.

Kind regards


I have 2 possum boxes – brushtail, and after 2 weeks mummy possum and her baby are living in it.

She and a male possum, possibly her last baby, were living in the last open bit between the 1st/2nd floors of our house and they squabbled! It was very sweet.

So now the gap has been closed up and after 2 weeks of returning she now knows she had to relocate in the yard. I was oh so worried, but she found her box.

She says hi each night, just pops her head out-dusk and I leave her fruit. I think the boy must have moved on, she was obviously the dominant possum:) but he too has a box if he ever needs it.

Thank you for such a wonderful service/business and such value for money from miss possum and me.


We received our kookaburra’s box and owl’s box yesterday. Put the Kookaburra’s up last night and they loved it! Both of them were watching us as they tried our first box which was intended for possums, now they chosen the better house.

Thanks for a great product.


Just to let you know that your beautifully made small parrot box arrived this morning. I am extremely impressed with the rapidity of the delivery and the professionalism of your company!

Thank you.

Janet H. KEW VIC

Just letting you know I have received the Medium Parrot Nest box I ordered and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this product, the fact that it came fully assembled and that it came with a detailed, helpful brochure. It arrived promptly and safely.

We have put it in place and are now watching the Lorikeets “checking out” the strange box!!!

I will keep your website in my favourites and will definitely order from you again in the future.


Received the Possum Box this morning at 9.00am! Good service.

I am very pleased with the product and am sure my Mum will be as delighted as the possums!

Karen S. Bacchus Marsh VIC

A big thanks on behalf of our Brushtail community at Lady Bay Vineyard. We put all five boxes up on the weekend; 2 in the hay shed and 3 in some old River Reds.

We were prompted to order your boxes when we realised we had three ‘homeless’ possums in the hay shed. The mother and baby who were living behind a sheet of iron moved into their box within 24 hours. The other possum who was living in the same shed behind a plank of wood moved into its new home within 20 mins! (a trail of banana helped!).

We also enjoy a better view of the possums now (as they were hiding before). Every time we make a bit of noise in the shed, a possum pokes its head out of the box to look. They obviously feel safe.

Thanks again, we’ll be in touch very soon to get some other boxes from you.

Jane B. Lady Bay Vineyard, Wingfield SA

Just letting you know that we have received our new possum homes.

My children and I are excited about putting them together and getting the possums out of our roof and into their new homes.

I found your site on the internet, thank you for your prompt service.

Michelle K. Westleigh NSW

I took delivery of my order a few days ago and I am impressed with the quality of the nesting boxes.

Gordon H. Kilmore VIC

I have just ordered another nesting box for kookaburras. We have quite a few these days and I thought another box would be snapped up.Kookaburra chick

Anyhow, I have attached a photo of “Kevin” our baby Kookaburra who comes to visit regularly with mum and dad. All three of them were hanging around their old box yesterday. So lovely to see them and hear them each day.

Kevin fell out of his box and was quite young so we put him back. He then took another 2 weeks to try flying again – must have hurt himself the first time! We thought he’d never leave home!

Kind regards


Just to let you know that the boxes have arrived – smelling delightfully of a pine forest! I am very much looking forward to the prospect of more lorikeet babies being reared in my garden. The medium-sized boxes are going to my cousin’s property on Cape Patterson, where she is hoping to attract Eastern Rosellas.

Thank you for this latest order – it is a pleasure to buy these beautiful bird boxes. I feel sure I will be back for more before too long!

Kind regards

Janet H. KEW VIC

…Happily more than 80% of our boxes are now occupied, with their owners giving their own entrance ways many special touches including much beak-altering of front doors to provide that “homey” feel!!!

WE had a kookaburra hatch the other day and as the kookaburras have been having a dreadful time with a flock of noisy minors, we are very glad for the kooka boxes.

We also have a ringtail possum baby that dances at its front door at 10am in the morning.

WE are now keeping a written, dated, couple of times a week, record of sightings of everything from lizards to birds that just call in (black cockatoos, a pair of Blue-faced Honeyeaters and a pair of Pacific bazars that call past semi-regularly now).

It’s all very lovely indeed and I am very grateful to you for this!



My order (nest boxes) arrived this morning and I have already put them up! The instructions were great and the product fantastic.

Thank you for your top service, quality product and hopefully very happy native wildlife!!!! I hope to purchase more in the future…


We recently had to cut down a palm tree in which a possum and her baby were living, but my box had not arrived, so they relocated into another palm tree. But within a couple of days of the box being secured in the tree the possums moved in. The box is located near my chook pen so each morning I go down, just on dawn, to let the chooks out and I often see them climbing in the box for a sleep.


The nesting boxes have arrived and they are excellent.

We have put the parrot one up without too much drama – one to go!

Thank you so much for your help…


Thanks for the possum box.

Just letting you know that possum loves it,

Judith S. Orange NSW

.. just received the parrot box, very happy with this product, thank you so much. (will highly recommend)…

Nadia G. Revesby NSW

I purchased an Owlet Nightjar box in December 2007. It was erected in the mallee bush at Kondinin WA, shortly there after in January 2008.

For a time the box has appeared to be uninhabited, however it now seems to be occupied by an Owlet Nightjar.

We are very pleased that the bird box has proven to be a success and I thought that you may be interested in seeing the photos.

We may be in the market for some additional boxes soon!

Renee Y. St Kilda VIC

The boxes were waiting for me when I got to work. So super fast service and they look great! Very pleased! Thank you.

Stephenie G. Rolleystone WA

Thank you, the Possum Boxes arrived today. They look great!

Can’t wait for the weekend and give our little creatures the extra home alternatives.

Henriette W. Mitcham VIC



…Thank you for your top service, quality product and hopefully very happy native wildlife!!!!  I hope to purchase more in the future…


Will buy from you again soon, when I need something.  Great customer service!


Thank you very much for your prompt service, it’s a refreshing change to deal with an online business that provides such a high level of customer service.

Scott J. Joondanna WA

Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Debbie J. Bunbury WA

Just to let you know that your beautifully made small parrot box arrived this morning.  I am extremely impressed with the rapidity of the delivery and the professionalism of your company!
Thank you.

Janet H. KEW VIC

Thank you so much for the information, as most of us are fairly ignorant of our own native animals, it is very comforting to know that there is someone out there who is willing and able to offer expert advice.  I think we should all be doing something to help, especially with the continued loss of habitat – but sometimes our good intentions go awry through ignorance.  I will let others know about your wonderful website and hope we can all learn a little more about living with our wonderful Aussie creatures.

Patsy D. Fraser ACT

The boxes were waiting for me when I got to work.  So super fast service and they look great! Very pleased! Thank you.

Stephenie G. Rolleystone WA


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