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Attracting Australian Native Wildlife

Almost 350 Australian wildlife species need tree hollows to breed and survive. Tree hollows take over 100+ years to form naturally. Artificial hollows are necessary to provide shelter to animals that need them to breed and nurture their young.

For over 15 years, fauNature has provided expert advice and guidance on hollow creation. Over 30 types of nesting and wildlife boxes have been designed specifically for each animal taking into account their natural behaviour, breeding needs and local predators.

Your Wildlife Garden

Home Garden Enthusiasts

Experiencing wildlife brings colour and excitement to our daily lives. In Australia, we are fortunate to have a vast array of wildlife on our doorsteps. If you take the time, you may well be astounded by what you will find.



fauNature’s bird nesting and wildlife boxes provide artificial hollows which will attract a range of Australian species to your backyard to nest and breed.
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Helping to deter unwanted visitors, such as cats and foxes, from your backyard for good without chemicals or barriers.
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Rosella photo by Steve Franklin
Rosella photo by Don Stott
Creating homes for Australian wildlife

Councils and Environmental Organisations

For councils, governments, organisations, environmental agencies, and local communities, fauNature can design and install artificial hollows to help wildlife survive and breed. This is carried out by attracting the right species through the collaborative development of hallow habitat enhancements. fauNature also facilitate community wildlife box building and arborist carved hollow workshops.


Correctly placed artificial hollows can maintain and support wildlife in urban areas including new developments.

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Designed and manufactured locally, fauNature’s nesting and wildlife boxes are designed to suit hollow-dependent species.

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Consultation, site survey, assessment and reporting to achieve habitat enhancement goals.

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Some of our clients
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More than 15,000 nesting boxes manufactured locally and installed.

Uniquely designed nesting and wildlife boxes for over 30+ species of birds and fauna.

Over 15 years of providing expert advice on habitat creation.

Some of our Client


I just wanted to let you know that the CATwatch units have been a massive success!  I now have a very happy and affectionate cat who is no longer anxious and peeing all the time.  We no longer have cats spraying at our front door or in our carport.  There are now  many more birds in the backyard as the neighbouring cats no longer come to visit.  So brilliant!!

We spent so much money on other “remedies” including putting the poor cat on Clomicalm for 6 months.  It seems we could have avoided all that if we’d known about CATwatch and purchased one earlier.

It is wonderful to have a happy relaxed and affectionate cat – and a back garden that is safe for all our bird friends.
Many many thanks!  I’m going to let my vets know about CATwatch.


Just to let you know that I have the breeding boxes attached to the sides of my house. The box I bought from you last year is on its second or third lot of Eastern Rosella chicks.

Another old smaller (non-fauNature) box failed the Adelaide Rosellas when its lid came off – hence I bought another box from fauNature to replace it. We love watching and listening to these wild beautiful birds – from the initial tussle over nesting rights to watching the parents escort each fledging out of the box on its first flight. Simply amazing.

I think the design of these parrot boxes is very clever and makes them so secure.

Many thanks

Ann J


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