Boobook Owl Box

Boobook Owl Box

This Small Owl Box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for Australia’s and New Zealand’s small nocturnal raptors (e.g. Boobook), where such resources are lacking.

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Boobook Owl Roosting Box can offer a safe refuge for small owls in urban and rural environments.

When and where do you find Boobook owls?

The Boobook is the most common owl found in Australia. It is also the most widespread, distributed across the country from Cape York to the southern tip of Western Australia, except for the arid central western interior.

The Boobook can regularly be heard in cities and towns right across the country, particularly in the breeding season (August - December). Like most other owls, the Boobook is a hollow nesting species, historically it has mainly used natural hollows, however over the last few decades they have also started using owl roosting boxes.

Why Boobook owls use roosting boxes

Boobooks, like most other owls, use hollows or roosting boxes for both rearing young during the breeding season and as diurnal roosts, outside of this period. The typical species you may attract to the Small Owl Box include Boobook Owls, Brown Hawk-owls (Christmas Is) and the Ruru (New Zealand).

This Small Owl Box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for Australia's and New Zealand's small nocturnal raptors.

The addition of PV Spacers (2) is highly recommended for a Small Owl Box if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.

Species to Attract:

  • Boobook Owls (Australia)
  • Brown Hawk-owls (Christmas Island)
  • Ruru (New Zealand)