Possum Box

Possum Box

This wildlife box can offer a safe refuge for possums in urban and rural environments.

Two species of possums are typically found in urban environments across Australia, the Common Brushtail and the Common Ringtail. The Common Brushtail Possum is endangered across much of it former range, so it is important that they are supported and protected, wherever they are still found.

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Brushtail Possum

Common Brushtail Possums are obligate hollow users – in that every day they return to a safe refuge, typically a natural hollow (referred to as a “den”) or where hollows are lacking possum boxes.

A lack of natural hollows can bring Brushtail Possums into conflict with its human neighbours, as they seek shelter in roofs or sheds. Supplementing natural hollows with an artificial den or possum box will increase available habitat and is likely to reduce potential conflict.

Ringtail Possum

The Common Ringtail Possum is found across much of Eastern and South-eastern Australia, including Tasmania. In the northern aspect of its range the Ringtail Possum tends to use natural hollows or possum boxes, for shelter; while in the south the construction of a nest, or drey, in dense vegetation is far more common. Ringtail Possums in southern Australia however, also use a natural hollow or possum box, particularly in the wet winter months.

Significant alteration to many urban and rural environments has meant that natural hollows are now rare. The ability to construct dreys has meant Ringtail Possums are not as reliant as Brushtail Possums on hollows or possum boxes. However, this species can also, like Brushtails, come into conflict with their human neighbours, by sheltering in roofs or sheds. Supplementing natural hollows with a possum box will increase available habitat and is likely to ensure the potential for conflict is minimal.

This possum box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for Common Ringtail and Brushtail Possums, where such resources are lacking.

The use of “PV Spacers”, small spacing rings which fit over the tek screws between the tree and the box, is highly recommended and are included in the price.

Collection can be arranged for boxes; alternatively, a freight charge will be applied. You will be advised of this cost before payment is requested.

Brushtail Possum Box
L = 47cm  D = 29cm  W = 31cm. Entrance 102mm.

Ringtail Possum Box  
L = 47cm  D = 27cm  W = 24cm. Entrance 80mm.

Pygmy Possum Box  
L = 36cm  D = 14cm  W = 18cm. Entrance 18mm.

You’ve bought this wildlife/possum box to enjoy it, so locate the possum box where you can see it regularly and access it relatively easily.

Certain considerations on how to site your wildlife box are preferred:

  • A mature gum tree is ideal, or an exotic tree will do.
  • A possum will make use of a possum box as low as 2m off the ground, however, 4 – 6m would be preferable.
  • Brushtail Possums will utilise a number of hollows or “dens” within their territory.

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The wildlife box assembling instructions are sent to you by email once once you have purchased the fauNature possum box.

For additional materials needed view Flat Pack Details

An assembled wildlife box comes either treated or painted.

  • Quality timber certified by Forest Stewardship Council AusNZ
  • treated with non-toxic timber seal
  • or when requested exterior quality grade acrylic paint

Installation instructions >

The flat pack possum box arrives unassembled and the wood panels are untreated.

Additional materials required:

Water-resistant wood glue.

Drill and drill bits:
1) 1/16” or 1mm and
2) 1/8”. 3. 30mm galvanised screw (13) can be substituted for the 30mm galvanised nail screw if you prefer.

The wood fauNature uses is certified by Forest Stewardship Council AusNZ.

For Treatment options and how to Assemble Your Wildlife Box, you will find both sets of instructions in your inbox once you have purchased the fauNature possum box.

After assembling and treating the possum box and once it is dry the wildlife box can be installed at your leisure – following the directions provided in the Installation instructions >