It would be nice to think that once a nesting box is installed, that is it!  The wildlife would breed and all would live happily ever after!  Unfortunately wildlife/nesting boxes need periodical monitoring and maintenance the same as any home!

You can either maintain the box(s) yourself or have the box(s) professionally maintained.  fauNature® offers a maintenance service, when required, or for those outside our local area, a range of other business such as pest controllers, gardening companies or arborist may also be able to provide this service.

February to April is a great time to maintain/service your nesting box(s), in preparation for the following spring.  A little later in June-July is probably a better for bats, as they are least active at this time of the year.  Possums may be in residence at any time, so it can be pot luck, however it is best to avoid the wetter months.

If you have a fauNature® or indeed any type of nesting box you are looking to personally maintain, the following article is likely to prove useful.  Alternatively, if you are looking to engage someone else to service your nesting box(s), ensure they know what they are doing by having them read this article…

Maintaining a Nesting Box

Good luck with your maintenance process and be sure the nest box is safe and presentable in good time for the first inspection of the season.