Living with Snakes in Australia

Living with Snakes in Australia

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This book is a guide to better understanding and living with snakes in Australia whether you are a visitor or a resident.

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For as long as humans have come into contact with snakes (e.g. Eastern Brown Snake;  Pseudonaja textilis), these amazing creatures have been vilified or feared.

Living with Snakes in Australia is a guide for both visitors and residents of Australia.

Geoff Coombe has been working with Australia’s native wildlife for almost 50 years.  His passion is for reptiles, with particular a focus on venomous snakes.  Geoff has guided thousands of people to help them better understand and live with snakes in Australia.

Living with Snakes in Australia is an introduction to Australian snakes and a factual guide to how dangerous, or not, those snakes are.

Author: Geoff Coombs, © Living with Wildlife 2013.
Pages: 69

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