Mains Adaptor (10m)

Mains Adaptor (10m)

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A power source for ultrasonic deterrents, with 10 m power lead, recommended to maximise effectiveness and simplify protection.

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CATWatch and FOXWatch were originally designed and can still be powered by a 9 volt battery.  However, for high traffic areas, where multiple units are installed or to reduce maintenance on the unit a Mains Adaptor is recommended for maximum power and economy.

Depending on the location(s) you are looking to use the device(s) there may be real benefit in utilising a 12 volt Mains Adaptor, as the unit will emit an ultrasonic alarm which is 35% louder to the cat(s) and more cost effective to run in the long term.  Where appropriate the addition of an Extension Lead and for multiple units a Connector Kit(s), will also increase the flexibility of the mains power option.

The installation of a Mains Adaptor in conjunction with your CATWatch, FOXWatch, Pestfree or Catfree will virtually create a “set and forget” device.  You will have 24/7 protection, 365 days a year, without the need to change a battery.

The 12 volt Mains Adaptor plugs into an ordinary electrical socket or external power socket.  The lead on the Mains Adaptor is 10m in length, so there is considerable flexibility when utilizing this type of power supply.

A freight charge will apply, and this may vary depending on your location.  You will be advised of this cost, before payment is requested.