Nest Box – Installation

Nest Box – Installation

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Installation services are available for the fauNature® wildlife box range.

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fauNature® supplies wildlife/nesting boxes designed to be simple to install.  A comprehensive information leaflet included in every box and additional web resources are available to help guide you through this process.

Not everyone is comfortable with heights, has the practical skills or the time to undertake such tasks themselves!  This is where fauNature’s installation service comes in…

fauNature® will come and assess the property, establish what the owner is looking for and make recommendations as to the best site(s) to locate the box(s).  Once agreement has been reached regarding location, the staff member will proceed with the installation.

Standard installation includes any of the small to medium sized boxes: brushtail and ringtail possum; sugar and squirrel glider; small, medium and large parrot; small owl; kookaburra and wood duck.  Prices for Large Parrot Box $55.00, while prices installing other larger boxes are available on request.

A $47.00 fee applies per box installation.  A minimum call out fee of $150.00 applies to any visit.  This call out fee is waived when service charges are exceed the minimum call out fee (this excludes the cost of the box).

fauNature® staff cover an area of 20km of MAGILL SA 5072, within the standard fee structure.  We will certainly undertake work outside of these locations, however milage and travel time will be additional.