Nest Boxes for Wildlife – A Practical Guide

Nest Boxes for Wildlife – A Practical Guide

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This practical nest box guide contains design plans you can use to help create the habitat that so many of Australia’s animals need.

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The book Nest boxes for Wildlife is a practical guide to building and installing nest boxes. The book is based on success in the field and is a good resource for environmentally concious individuals wishing to enhance the habitat values in their corner of the world.

Although the provision of nest boxes never compensates for vegetation clearing and the destruction of old trees, nest boxes can provide critical temporary accommodation for our native wildlife – particularly where land clearing is imminent or has recently occurred.

Nest boxes are a great idea since they: attract wildlife back into gardens thereby introducing breeding and other enriching activities into our daily lives; may assist populations of endangered species; make an unusual gift for a nature loving friend; provide pleasure for nursing home residents; provide excellent school projects — especially for woodwork classes.

The practical advice provided by the authors is based on personal observation and experience as well as information they have gathered from other wildlife experts.

This is an excellent guide for anyone interested in building a nest box and/or playing a part in the conservation and restoration of endangered animals or simply retaining common species in your own neighbourhood. Written in lay-man’s terms, it is neither preachy or patronising, being instead accessible to all readers.

Authors: Alan Franks & Stacey Franks
ISBN(10): 1876473207
Pages: 80

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