The Whitley Awards, presented annually by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW, recognise the best publications that profile the unique wildlife of the Australasian region.

The Wildlife of Greater Adelaide was one of 11 zoological publications recognised at this years Whitley Awards.

A diverse range of wildlife including birds, sharks, red kangaroos and even beetles have been placed in the spotlight as the Royal Zoological Society of NSW announces their prestigious Awards for zoological literature.
In addition to an overall Whitley Medal winner, Certificate of Commendations are awarded to a range of categories including children’s books, public interest, magazines, local guides and technical works for professional biologists.

In 2017 the Whitley Medal has been awarded to ‘The Australian Bird Guide’ published by CSIRO Publishing and authored by Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack and Kim Franklin.

This beautiful book represents the most comprehensive overview to date of the bird life found across the Australian continent. It includes exquisite illustrations of over 900 bird species alongside detailed information on identification, distribution and status.

According to Dr Noel Tait, Chairman of the Awards Committee, The Australian Bird Guide has raised the bar for zoology field guides.

Certificates of Commendation have been awarded to ten more publications, exploring such diverse topics as a child’s view of bird migration, a historical account of the red kangaroo in central Australia and a local guide to the wildlife of Adelaide (see below for award winners).

“We were overjoyed with the applications we received for this year’s Awards,” says Dr Tait.

“We feel they accurately represent the diversity of Australian fauna, the passion of our local naturalists, and the genuine interest that all Australians have for our magnificent native species.”

“On behalf of the RZS NSW I would like to thank all applicants and encourage anyone with an interest in zoology to explore some of the amazing literature that is available.”


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