Whether digging in the garden, walking the dog, or jogging through one of our local parks, we constantly encounter animals. From the minute and bizarre creatures hidden in the leaf litter, to big, colourful, active mammals and birds, we are

surrounded by wildlife. Adelaide and the surrounding Mount Lofty Ranges support a spectacular diversity of fauna, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. However, there is limited benefit in simply encountering this wildlife. If we were able to identify the species, understand their biology and explain their habits to our kids and our visitors alike, how much more rewarding would the experience be?

The Wildlife of Greater Adelaide, our region’s first comprehensive wildlife guidebook, a culmination of years in the making is now available. As a photographic guide it provides easy to read descriptions, natural histories and additional information about both native and introduced species. Most importantly, the book equips the reader with the identification skills to explore, understand and appreciate the wildlife of our region so enabling us all to become backyard David Attenboroughs!

Written by Adelaide zoologist and passionate wildlife advocate James Smith, and with a foreword by Professor Chris Daniels, the Wildlife of Greater Adelaide is a must-have addition for anyone interested in our local wildlife. Whether you are simply looking to identify the wild neighbours with which you share your own backyard or you are a seasoned naturalist looking to further expand your knowledge, this book is the perfect companion.

Mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fishes, insects, spiders, crustaceans, snails and worms are amongst the diverse array of wildlife described and displayed within these pages. Emphasis has been placed on the most common, well-known or potentially dangerous species recorded across the region.

The Wildlife of Greater Adelaide is the result of an incredible collaborative effort between the University of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and a number of Adelaide nature and wildlife organisations and not-for-profits. This magnificent book is a testament to those organisations and their people who recognised the importance of Adelaide having its own wildlife guidebook as way to encourage more of us, especially the younger generations, to engage with the nature that surrounds us. Afterall, we can only expect people to care for nature if they understand and appreciate it.

The book was officially launched at the South Australian Museum on Thursday, 6 October, and is on sale now here or available at good local book stores.

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