Kookaburra Box

Kookaburra Box

This nesting box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for large Kingfishers (e.g. Kookaburras), where such resources are lacking.

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This Kookaburra nesting box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for large Kingfishers, where such resources are lacking.

Ten species of Kingfishers are found throughout Australia. Kingfishers are almost exclusively hollow nesters, however, the “location” of the nests can vary considerably. These “nesting hollows” may be pre-existing in trees (trunks or spouts) or dug into the nests of tree or ground termites, in creek banks, either cliffs or evening road-cuttings depending on the species concerned.

Over half of these large kingfishers (or Kookaburras) use tree hollows as nesting sites and in some species, these resources are particularly important. The typical species you may attract to the Kookaburra Nesting Box include Laughing and Blue-winged Kookaburras.

The use of “PV Spacers”, small spacing rings which fit over the tek screws between the tree and the box, is highly recommended. They are included with your box.

Collection can be arranged for boxes; alternatively, a freight charge will be applied. You will be advised of this cost before payment is requested.

Note: Kookaburras exhibit high nest site fidelity, so if the Kookaburra “family” in your area regularly produce young birds there is little point in putting up a new nesting box.  If however, you just have a pair of Kookaburras, without an extended family, the addition of an artificial hollow may be just what they need.